By Sergio Ruzzier

In this story, the two characters are learning to read. They are surprised to learn that not all books have pictures. In the end, they learn to read and use their imagination to create their own illustrations.

By Gordon Korman

Swindle is a story about two boys, a million dollar baseball card, and their quest to get it back from a mean man who swindled it from them. Who knew one that night at an abandoned building would lead to such a huge adventure? Join Ben and Griffin as they try to steal back what was theirs.

By Chris Grabenstein

Kyle is an avid gamer who has been chosen to take part in a game that will change his life forever. Mr. Lemonchello is the Willy Wonka of the board game world. For his birthday, he has had a magnificent library made with tons of twists and turns. He has chosen 12 12-year-olds to be the first ones to use his library. The catch is that they have to use clues and their knowledge of the library to escape and win an ultimate prize! Do you think Kyle will be able to escape?

By Raina Telgemeier

Sisters are special but they can also be especially annoying. Raina and Amara are sisters have a love hate relationship. When their family starts to split up, they turn to each other and find that a sister can also be a life-long friend and a shoulder to lean on when things get tough.

By Lauren Tarshis

Hurricane Katrina effected thousands of people. Barry is a young boy who was living in New Orleans, Louisiana when the hurricane hit. His family was not able to evacuate. When the storm hits and Barry gets separated from his family he worries he will never see his family again.

By Janet B. Pascal

Theodor Seuss Geisel, also known as Dr. Seuss led an amazing life that has impacted billions of people. Dr. Seuss’s books have helped children learn to read for years. The stories also contain messages that people of all ages can relate to.

By Ryan Howard & Krystle Howard

Rhino (Ryan) is a hard working little boy who loves baseball. When his grandfather signs him up to play for a baseball team in town he is so excited. His best friend Cooper and his new friend Bella are on his team too! The only bad thing about the team is that the school bully is on it too. Can Rhino still have a good time with his friends or will the bully get him down?

By Jandy Nelson

Fraternal twins, Jude and Noah complement each other in every way. They have a sixth sense that allows them to communicate in a way unique way. Unfortunately, as they enter high school things between the twins becomes rocky. This story is told from both Jude and Noah’s perspectives. The only way for the reader to understand what is going on between them is to read both sides of the story. Is it possible that Jude and Noah do not have the full story on their own?

By Alexander McCall Smith

Have you ever wanted to know more about your family tree? One day, Harriet Bean is talking to her dad and she finds out that she as five aunts that she never knew about. Harriet’s dad told her about how his family was split up when they were children. After learning more about her mysterious aunts, Harriet decides to go find them. Do you think Harriet will be able to find all five of aunts?

By Joan Holub

Have you ever heard of the Salem Witch Trails? What happens when a small lie snowballs into death sentences for some of the people living in Salem, MA during the 1690’s. This story includes information about the people involved and the trials that were held many years ago.

By Anna Kang

You Are (Not) Small is a story about two friends who notice that there is something different about their sizes. After noticing these differences, they begin to argue about which one of them is smaller or bigger than the other. Later, they realize that their size does not matter after all!

By Kimberly Brubaker Bradley

Ada is a young girl who has clubfoot. She lives with her abusive mother and her little brother, Jamie. When word of a possible bombing in their hometown reaches them, Ada and Jamie decided to runaway from home with other children from Jamie’s school. Susan reluctantly takes Ada and Jamie in and provides a loving and stable home for them. When the war ends, will Ada and Jamie want to go home or stay with Susan?