By Anna Kang

Illustrated by: Christopher Weyant

Copyright Date: 2014

Published by: Two Lions

Grade Level recommendation: 1st Grade

Suggested Delivery: Read aloud

Reading Suggestions:

  • Before: The teacher can preface the story by discussing what opposites are.  They can also talk about what similarities and differences are. By doing this, you are building on the student’s vocabularies and you are also increasing their overall understanding of the book.
  • During: Take note of the characters’ feelings.  Ask questions such as “How would you feel if someone said that to you?” This will encourage the students to connect the emotions in the story to their own personal experiences and keep them engaged.
  • After: As a class, come up with a list of opposites.  The teacher can partner the students up. Have the pairs illustrate one set of the opposites.  Give the students a chance to share their drawings with the rest of the class.

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