Places I Find Books

  • The Book Barn– This is an avid readers heaven. Most of the paperback books here are only $1!!!!!! I love coming here in the summer because the atmosphere is so cozy and welcoming. The best part about this place is that no matter what book you are looking for the people working there know exactly what self it would be found on. The store is huge and it has thousands of books. There are also smaller sister stores around the area.  You can choose to sell or donate books to The Book Barn.

If you are from the New England area, or are visiting, this is a stop you will want to make!

                                                     Address: 41 W Main St, Niantic, CT 06357

  • Amazon– Sometimes I will use my Kindle to read on the go.  I can order ebooks on Amazon to read either on my phone or on my Kindle.  My favorite part about Amazon is that you can read a book on one device and then switch to another and it will pick up right where you left off! Personally, I prefer to read a regular book, but when I am traveling it helps cut down on things I’m carrying around.
  • GoodReads– You can also use the app (GoodReadsApp) on any mobile device. Make an account and connect with your friends. Read reviews and write your own too.  If you are up for a challenge, set reading goals for yourself and compete against your friends. There is a barcode feature so that you can scan books you are reading or want to read later on.
  • 20 Places to Find Free Books Online – Still looking for more books? Use this link to try other websites!